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Updated: Dec 22, 2019

We born with some ability. So why do some of us make more money than others?

My last ten years I spend some time with wealthy, successful people.

I notice one big difference between the middle class and the wealthy class.

The people from the wealthy class appreciate what they have, they concentrate on what they can do, and they do not see any barrier.

Some multimillionaire is born in a very low-income family but they stand up from the rest.

The mind of all truly wealthy people is lovely. They, in any circumstances, never give up, and they see the biggest picture.

I learn from them that if I would like to achieve a luxury lifestyle, I need to start by changing my mind and the way I think.

The process of starting to make real money began on the day when I decided to reprogram my mind.

We indeed get what we want and believe. It is not essential that you realise this role. It works at any moment of your life.

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