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How I manifest my fly lessons using the law of attraction.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

How did I manifest my flight lessons using the law of attraction?

I decided that I wanted to become a pilot last year.

I know that the easiest and fastest way to achieve my goal is to use the law of attraction.

I have practised the law of attraction since 2011.

What did I do to manifest my wish in physical form?

Firstly, I took paper, and I did my wish map.

It is great fun. The next I started to go to the airport. It was the same airport where I have my lessons.

Every evening and morning I visualise myself, as pilot.

It was June 2018 when I did my map.

I repeat this pattern 8 weeks, the next I focus on other things that I want to get. I enjoy my holiday. It was a point when I forgot about a flight lesson, but I still went to Cafe airport because I like to eat there.

It was October, my birthday is Halloween.

One of my birthday gifts was a Yearly voucher to School of Flying in the UK.

You can imagine how I was happy.

I am still not a pilot, but I step nearest to achieve my end goal. I start my lessons.

If you believe and you do not have any despair in process between asking and receiving, you are sure that what you want is yours now. You get all your wishes come true!

It is not important what you wish; it is essential for manifestation your faith that you reach your goal.

You need not concentrate on how it will happen. You need to see the sign and an opportunity will come to your life.

Some wishes sign is very easy to spot, other signs are more complex. The law of attraction will bring you several opportunities to manifest your goal. Your job is giving clear information what you want to get and focus your mind on your wish.

Second good way to keep your mind out of frustration is doing what you love and appreciate everything that is around you.


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