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My story about me and The Law of Attraction.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

I started my journey with law attraction ten years ago.

It was a hard time for me. I had debt; my relationship was one big disaster.

No work for me in Poland. No-one whom I could go to for financial help.

Someone can ask what about your parents and nearest family?

My foster parents had one central role, that as I am an adult, I need to care for finance on my own. I know that there was no financial support, and it was okay for me.

My foster parents give me mental support and love me; this was more than any financial help.

I decided to take a drastic step and emigrate to the UK, and this is where it all starts!

The law of attraction I knew as a philosophy when I was younger. I created my life against myself, by my fears and my limiting beliefs. So often I did not realise this power.

I knew positive thinking in theory, but it was not enough. I did not apply it as I should.

Many of us make the same mistake! Law of attraction works any time, even if we do not believe it!

My primary motivation to act was that I wanted to change my life. I knew that I could do this. I did not expect that the process which would rid me of my fears and old beliefs that did not serve me anymore, would be easy and fast. I started to study all the books that I knew about the law of attraction; I took my mentor, helping me stay on track.

First-year of intensive study brought me a divorce, so I left a destructive relationship and established my finances.

All decisions in my life, even those which appeared to be poor decisions, had some purpose.

An example is that my marriage helped me to realise one of my childhood dreams – life in London.

In the second and third year of practising the law of attraction, I had started meeting a lot of kind and influential people. I even met the man of my dreams. Moreover, he is all that I need, and I wanted a man.

Practising the law of attraction involves daily work and discipline.

I had times that my goal did not initially come true as I wished, but in the end, every time I receive something much better.

I never lose my faith, and I always know that I get all that I desire. I did not know when, but I never care when it happens. I know that it will happen. I could not explain that knowledge, and I feel this by my heart!


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