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Power of my mind - Way of my development from childhood to now!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Let me introduce myself to you! I am Agata and I was born in eastern Poland and I was raised by foster family since I was nine years old. As a child I had power. I was able to predict future related to me and my relatives. When I was under emotion influence everything that I said come to life. My foster mother was the first person who introduced me to affirmation and positive thinking theory. She was aware that my thoughts plus emotion create reality. So, she wants to be sure that I do not destroy others and my life. In the same time, my foster parents find out that I am epileptic (genetic ground).

When I had 18, I did The Silva Method Certificate Course. After I finished University Master’s Degree in Philosophy, I had time when I stopped controlling my imagination and I did not practice the law of attraction with awareness. It leads me to some non-pleasant experiences. I know that I created them in my thoughts. All those situations had a positive aspect, I moved to the UK for an end. (When I was a child, I repeated constantly that I will live in London as an adult.) When I moved to the UK, my parents and grandma reminded me about it. The coming to the UK was for me the point when I realise that I have creative power. As a child, I saw all that practice from another perspective. I decided that I want to get back on track and control my thoughts and imagination for my benefit. I had Polish version Rhonda Byrne book. I started to practice all the exercise that I knew from my childhood plus I did some extra research.

In a short time, my life started to be as I want. I get work what I love, I am out of debt. I have a wonderful man next to me, and loyal friends. I am healthy and appreciate every moment!

Upper Street, GU51 3PE Fleet, England

Location: United Kingdom