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Welcome to Module 1 

Lesson 3

  • Reading skilss 

  • Speaking skills 

  • My family, Friends 

  • Homework: Please write essay about you holiday. Maximum 1 page A4

Lesson 2

  • The student missed lesson 2, no indication given.

  • If you have any question about lesson 2, please email me, and I am happy to answer all questions in Lesson 3.

  • Lesson 2 contained an introduction to reading methods and listening skills.

  • As you missed the lesson, please watch online, and complete all exercises and please send me answers.

Lesson 1

  • conjugation of the verb To Be

  • Positive sentences 

  • Questions 

  • backgroud for tanses 

  • Reading skill 

  • Vicabulary skills 

  • Translation skills 

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

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